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Interests Explorer - The World's first  Facebook Real Interests Cloud Engine. Uncover thousands of hidden & High-Converting Facebook interests you would have never thought existed!. 2017 Version Is Now Available Download Full data as CSV file: INTERESTS >> PATH >> AUDIENCE SIZE

Serpdigger - $66

Extract VALID Email Addresses From Linkedin, Twitter
Facebook ( NEW ),  Instagram, Pinterest and More ...!
Serp Digger- The World’s First Elastic Scraper.
No proxy required!
There is no need to log in to any of the target services!
NEW Feature: Extract REAL Email Addresses from Facebook!  

Fast and accurate Amazon Ebay and Aliexpress Keywords Scraper, desktop application which will scrape Central
E-commerce Sites for REAL Keywords That People Are Typing Into The Main Search Box and download
into convenient, CSV file

AMZing - Totally Free !

Fast and accurate Amazon Keywords Scraper, desktop application which will scrape Amazon for REAL Keywords That People Are Typing Into The Amazon Search Box and download into convenient, CSV file

Oscraper - $17.47

Find New Customers with The World's Most Powerful & Safe Google Results PPV ( Url ) Scraper . Scrape up to 10 pages deep in both Google Organic and Google Paid Results
The Must have tool for any PPV / SEO Marketer

Pin On Top ( POT ) - Totally Free !

Pinontop tool can Easily Sort Pinterest Results By: Number of Re-Pins or By Number of Likes !.It find the most popular content for a keyword or set of keywords Helps you find the stuff everyone else likes the most .
Great for Market Research Find out what people really want, like, or need

Tap into the most powerful tool available for Twitter Campaigns ! Instead of targeting large audiences using the "conventional" Twitter targeting options, you can now narrow your audience to only reach the most relevant users.

Target Your Customers by Zip Code Demographics.
Design For : Facebook | Google | Twitter & Bing Ads Systems Zipographics based on the U.S. Census Bureau updated Data ( United States has 41,758 ZIP codes ! ) - Totally Free !

UGlue Super Fast and Powerful Txt / Csv File Binder & Merger. Create One Easy to Upload File For Custom Audiences / Emails Tailoredaudiences / Urls / PPV , From Many Files At Once ! - Totally Free !

Get the Best YouTube video targets to bid on your CPV / PPV / YouTube & Adwords campaigns
Magicextractor : The New Ultimate & Free YouTube targets extractor

HashLighter - Totally Free !

Find the best hashtags with our HashLighter.Extract the most popular hashtags to get more hits by other users, more likes and more followers. - Totally Free !

The 315+ Best Free Marketing Tools for Online Marketers
Directory of the Most Useful Tools and Sites for Online Marketers
I like to keep it simple. Why search? is the essence of' philosophy. I believe the Internet Marketing Industry should be an inspiring, easy and free experience for everyone.

Imagine Being Able to Find Any Campaign for Any Given Niche on Facebook !
Spy on Top CPA Offers Now you Can Reverse Engineer these Proven Winners to Replicate their Success ! - Totally Free !

Spy on Top Shopify Stores!
Now you Can Reverse Engineer these Proven Winners to Replicate their Success!

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Top notch customer support :)
Our Softwares Handcrafted by experts ! For more than ten years of software Dev. experience.
We have used our experience from countless IM software projects and designed tools that fits perfectly into the workflow of both professionals and novices
Optimized for speed and time our software contain the fastest process mining algorithms, and the most efficient search engine framework. On top of that, you get an obsessively streamlined user experience allowing you to move fast. Because what counts is performance from start to finish.

There is no other Softwares as Powerful and Flexible as ROI Tools

Any Marketer can use them in his business to make a huge impact.

100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you pick up your copy of one of our Softwares today. We stand by our products 100%, you will have dedicated support and will never be left on your own with a problem.  If you don’t like your copy, simply ask us for a full and prompt refund – no hassle, and no risk.

 lifetime license plus free updates

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  • q-iconWho should buy Your Softwares ?

    People who want to promote their own product
    People who want to promote their own service
    People who want to promote someone elses product
    People who want to promote CPA offers
    Action takers !
    Market Researcher
    Keywords Researcher

  • q-iconIs there a monthly charge for Your Softwares?

    NO! Your Copy purchase is a one-time-fee for the tool… there are ZERO monthly fees. Just one payment gets you lifetime access to this powerful tool..

  • q-iconWhat if I run into an issue?

    Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you aren't satisfied we will be at your service please let us know by: Emailing a request to

  • q-iconWill I receive free updates to Your Softwares?

    YES! We will continue to improve the tool with new features and fix any pesky bugs that may arise. You will be the first to learn about any updates.

  • q-iconCan I install Your Softwares on multiple computers?

    YES! you can install them on up to 3 different computers of yours PC or Mac

  • q-iconWill Softwares still work if I refund?

    NO! Once your refund has been issued your license key(s) will be deactivated and your tool will stop working. :(

  • q-iconDo you offer a trial or lite version of your software ?

    Yes ! , You are a click away from a better ROI :)